How to make luminous fiber clothing
Tips and information you need know about LED Light Costumes
By Iris | 26 July 2018 | 0 Comments

How to make luminous fiber clothing

Recently, many people, especially young people, are trying a light fiber-optic costume. Young fashionistas, party regulars and club members often wear this type of clothing. Now more and more people like to illuminate fiber-optic clothing. How is this clothing made? They are made of fiber optic fibers that emit light along all the fibers of the garment and release a magical glow in the process.

step 1:
The shape of the garment model is drawn on the optical fiber and the shape is cut from the fabric, but one side of the fiber bundle cannot be cut off because the light source will come from the fiber bundle.

Step 2:
Tighten and cut the fiber bundle, then connect the fiber bundle to the F5 LED lamp in a black tube and use a heat gun to secure the connection

Step 3:
Connect the wires of the F5 LED light to the controller (battery), then press the button on the controller and the fabric will illuminate in 7 colors. At present, the processing technology of optical fiber fabrics has been completed.

Step 4:
The tailor sews the garment with the processed fiber weaving.

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