How to make LED costumes?
Tips and information you need know about LED Light Costumes
By Scarlett | 15 August 2018 | 8 Comments

How to make LED costumes?

I am fairly new to cosplay, but I really want to do a lighted costume. What would be a good easy one for a newbie? I am a girl, and I prefer superhero costumes but I wouldn't mind branching out. I really love being as accurate to the original design as possible, so having light be a part of that would be perfect. 

I have found this question from Reddit. Recently, many people, especially young people, are trying to make led costumes. How is this clothing made? Now, let's find out how to make led costumes. (If you think it is difficult for you to make by yourself, maybe you can try buy from

What you need:

5050 LED Strip single color (or RGB if you want to get fancy)
Soldering iron
8XAA battery holder
9v connector
hot glue gun

Video Tutorial on how to make LED costumes:

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